At TNAACS our mission is to educate the whole child -intellectually, physically and socio-emotionally

A letter from our Principal

A letter from our Principal

It is my pleasure to introduce to you The New American Academy Charter School (TNAACS). My goal in opening TNAACS was to create the school I always wanted to be in when I was a teacher – a school I wanted my own children to attend when they were growing up and one that I could be proud of.  At TNAACS our mission is to educate the whole child - intellectually, physically and socio-emotionally.

Our model, developed by a group of seasoned educators at Harvard University, is a completely different approach than how schools traditionally work. At the heart of out model is the power of developing strong, positive relationships that provide our students with a richer, more meaningful educational experience. The one I always wanted to work in as a teacher.


At the center of TNAACS is our HEARTS of Humility, Empowerment, Aspiration, Responsibility, Teamwork and Scholarship. These values are infused in to everything we do and insure our students have the social emotional skills necessary to be successful both in school and in life.

Each student at TNAACS becomes a part of a group of 65 to 70 students instructed by a multi- person teaching team that is led by an experienced Lead Partner or Master Teacher. Our students stay with one team for grades kindergarten through second grade and then move up to be taught by a second team in third through fifth grade. These three-year looping cycles provide a rich educational experience grounded in meaningful relationships with both their teachers and their peers.  The variety of skills and perspectives within each teaching team enriches every student’s educational experience. Our open door policy insures you are always welcome to be a participant in your child’s education.

TNAACS utilizes innovative curriculum to provide the most robust education possible, including a workshop approach to literacy instruction, a constructivist approach to mathematics and interdisciplinary science and social studies units. In addition to our robust academic offerings, TNAACS has a rigorous physical fitness program, a music program where every student learns to read music and play the keyboard and a technology program where students in every grade are learning computer coding. We also have many afterschool offerings, many run by our own TNAACS staff.

I invite you to explore our website and to schedule a tour to visit us in person. When you do you will discover first hand what I already know - how our dynamic community is committed to helping each student learn, grow and reach their full potential. If you want your child to have a complete education, a social emotional education, an education around health and wellness along with academics, rigor and enrichment this is the school for you.

Educationally Yours,
Lisa Parquette Silva