TNAACS Free After School Clubs

Chess at TNAACS

A very special shout-out to our TNAACS Chess Club and Ms. Gibson, who not only attended their first Grand Prix tournament of the year, but led our school to victory bringing home the 1st place trophy!

The New American Academy Charter School creates an environment that supports risk taking, creativity and the development of a student's critical thinking skills. We provide a wide range of after school clubs for grades K-5.  Some of our offerings include:  Chess, Drama, Dance, STEM, Crocheting, Yoga, Art, Board Games, etc.


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Experience our tailored teaching approach designed to meet your child's unique learning needs. At TNAACS, we believe in the power of personalized education to unlock each student's potential.


Discover our HEARTS program, a cornerstone of our curriculum that fosters emotional intelligence. We believe in nurturing not just the mind, but also the heart.


Explore our diverse enrichment programs that go beyond the traditional curriculum. From arts to sports, we offer a range of activities designed to broaden your child's horizons and cultivate their interests.

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